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BUILDING OF THE MONTH:   The Historic Preservation Commission has designated 109 East Genesee Street as the “Building of the Month” as of September 2018.       Click here to Eagle Bulletin article highlighting this great home.

Any changes to properties within the historic district must first obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness.

To learn if your property is within the historic overlay, you can click here to see the village zoning map.

Applications seeking Certificate of Approval must be submitted at least two (2) weeks prior to the meeting date to be placed on the agenda for review.  Submissions with all supporting documents should be filed with the village clerk's office at 425 E. Genesee Street.

CLICK HERE to view the agenda and/or minutes of the meetings. 

Please know that historic district properties may be eligible for tax breaks. "The tax exemption shall be to the extent of any increase in value attributable to such alterations, repairs or improvements multiplied by the applicable percentage set forth in...[a] schedule."    [Click here to link to read further details in code book.]
Use form NYS RP-444a, along with requested supporting documents, to submit to the Town Assessor.

Please know that there are reference books available at the village hall,
for your review, to assist with any project(s).  
You are also welcome to discuss any upcoming plans you may be considering with the Commission at any monthly meeting.  
Contact the village office at 637-9864 regarding either of these resources.

Here is a helpful link to a great resource:

Reconnaissance Level Historic Resources Survey

For more information on New York State Historic Preservation:

NPS Secretary of the Interior's Standards  [website]
                GUIDELINES for Preserving, Rehabilitating, Restoring & Reconstruction Historic Buildings

NYS Office of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation

Preservation League of New York State

Colorful Issues in Choosing Exterior Paint

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