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Please take note of the Village of Fayetteville's policy on Building Debris Pickup below:

~~Building(Construction) Debris Pickup Policy~~

RESOLVED, by the Village of Fayetteville Board of Trustees, that, effective June 1, 2000, the Village of Fayetteville Department of Public Works will pick up building debris only when each of the following conditions are satisfied:

1. Only where
no building permit was required for the project. 

2. The Building Debris must consist of non-hazardous material. No asbestos-containing material will be collected.

3. The Building Debris shall not contain any loose nails.

4. All lumber shall be nail free.

5. The Building Debris must have been generated at and removed from the property where the building debris is placed for curb-side pickup.

6. Only residents of the project property or unpaid volunteers may participate in the removal of the building debris and/or the making of any repairs, modifications or additions for the entire project.

7. All loose Building Debris must be placed inside a container which meets the Village’s criteria for Garbage Containers.

8. The Building Debris shall be secured so that it will not be spread by wind or animals.

9. The Building Debris that will deteriorate, break down or become heavy with absorbed moisture must be placed in a water-resistant container or wrapped in a water-resistant covering to keep the material dry. This includes plaster lath, sheet rock, insulation, paper fabrics, etc.

10. No Building Debris shall be placed outside for pick up more than twenty-four (24) hours before its scheduled pick-up

11. All remaining containers or Building Debris that was not picked up must be removed from the curb-side within twenty-four (24) hours after the scheduled pick-up.

*Debris such as lumber, wood, wooden furniture, plastic pipe (4-ft max), plaster, drywall, and plumbing fixtures are PICKED UP ON THE LAST FRIDAY OF EVERY MONTH ONLY.

*Concrete, masonry, bricks, clean hard fill, dirt, rocks (55 lb. containers maximum) are PICKED UP ON THE 3RD FRIDAY OF EVERY MONTH ONLY.

A option to consider is The Bagster program offered by Waste Management, if you have excessive debris from cleaning out or DIY projects. Go to this website

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