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Highbridge & Route 5 Proposal Not Yet Approved
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Residents of Village of Fayetteville:

We have been working with the developer to either fix and clean up the buildings or tear them down at the corner of Highbridge & Route 5 . We are happy to see the developer start to work on having the buildings torn down on the site in the lower village, but no approvals have been granted.  The review process with the village board,planning and zoning boards has just begun. We have to conduct several meetings,engineering reviews, SEQR &  floodplain analysis as well as public hearings with the village board, planning & zoning boards.

The proposed project could be a great addition to the village, but there is still a lot of public input and involvement at all governmental levels that need to be reviewed before any approvals will be granted. We look forward to reviewing the project and working with all partners involved in making our village the best it can be.

Thanks, Mark

Mayor of Fayetteville

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